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 Fitness Classes

All of our group classes are led by a fitness leader certified by the Manitoba Fitness Council and are designed to adapt to all ages, abilities and fitness levels. Classes sizes are between 2 and 10 participants so you get personalized training customized for YOU while still enjoying the social atmosphere and fellowship of belonging to a group.

Our clients determine our classes so if there is something you would like to see offered, let us know and we will try to accommodate! Make sure you stay up to date on FACEBOOK



AWESOME ABS & BETTER BUNSThis class is designed to do exactly what it says -tone your body with Yoga Shred inspired low impact techniques. This is a low-impact non-cardio class that is challenging and results-oriented.

BURLESQUE – This class is offered as a 3-hour workshop on Saturday afternoons throughout the year and works with participants to create a 15 minute dance routine that combines the seductive art of burlesque dance with the aerobic benefits of a total body workout. This is a fun and energizing class that will empower you and let your inner diva come out to play. Costumes are optional and although there is no nudity, due to the provocative nature of the class, participation is restricted to women over the age of 18. Sorry guys! Private workshops are available!

INFUZION Our most popular class, it always fills up quickly so make sure to register early! This class is a flowing yoga class that combines flexibility and strength with Pilates toning for an amazing total-body relaxation experience. This low impact class is perfect for pregnancy, recovery from joint and muscle injuries, relaxation, flexibility training… it is perfect for EVERYONE and makes a great addition to cardio and resistance programs.

POWER WALKING – This outdoor class is offered only in the summer and is a great way to begin a fitness program or change up your current one! There is no limit to this class size and we will work to accommodate and challenge all fitness levels by adding strength intervals, inclines, speed and resistance. (Spring, Summer & Fall – weather permitting)

STEP AEROBICS  This high-energy cardio class is perfect for beginners and enthusiasts alike. Combining constant movement with various intensities, you will improve you stamina, coordination and mental acuity while rocking out to some fabulous music. This is our most loved class and we always have sooo much fun! Step aerobics is a low-impact class and fully adjustable to accommodate physical limitations. Step benches are provided and class size is limited to 6 so register early!

STEP & TONE – This combo class combines the aerobic training and fat burning of step aerobics with the muscle building and toning of body sculpting. You get the benefits of both classes all in 1! A great class for beginners and enthusiasts alike as it is adjustable to all fitness levels and promises a challenging and results-generating total body workout.

RISE & SHINE COMBO – This combo class combines the essentials of total body fitness, endurance, strength, flexibility and balance in an energizing metabolism-boosting start to your day.  A great class for beginners and enthusiasts alike as it is adjustable to all fitness levels and promises an invigorating, results-generating that will keep you going all day long!

 What to bring to class…

All equipment is provided but we ask that you bring your own Yoga Mat. You should wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely and ladies – a great supportive sports bra is highly recommended! All classes with the exception of InfuZion and Burlesque which are done in bare feet, require socks and indoor running shoes.  Facilities are provided to refill your bottles so make sure you bring one along!




For all classes with Michelle, we have pre-paid PUNCH CARDS that are fully transferable and never expire!

These cards can be used to drop into any of our classes (as long as there is room, please call ahead) and come and go as you please!

You can even use your card to bring a friend and try out every class we offer!

5 Class Cards = $55

10 Class Cards = $100

15 Class Cards = $135

Drop in Fee – $12

We also offer 1-on-1 training sessions to customize your workout for you! Rates start at $35/hr in studio.

5% GST are included in all products and services 


To register for Classes with Danielle contact serenitydoulabdn@gmail.com Cost is $10/class or $80/10 classes