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Dream Weaving

Within all of us is the power to create our own reality.

Anything that we can dream, we can achieve – all we need is the right plan.

Some of us need a little help with the skills to carry out our plans and live our dreams.

And we can help by providing assistance with…

Time Management


Assertiveness Training

Resume Building, interview practice and pre-employment readiness

or even just a little assistance balancing work, family and community commitments

Some of us need some help creating a plan to turn our dream into reality

We offer assistance with,

Goal Setting


Future Mapping

Career Planning

Educational Selection

And some of us aren’t even sure what our dreams are!

That’s OK – we can help you figure them out!

Dream Weaving


Finding your passion

Perhaps you are so caught up in life’s problems, issues of the past or a victim of the ‘Mommy Syndrome’ where you have put everyone’s needs before your own for so long, you are no longer a priority in your own life!

That’s ok, we’ve been there too and we can help you find your authentic you!

Our life skills training and personal coaching is customized to every client’s circumstances and needs.

We work with you to help bring balance to your life so that you can focus on what really matters…


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