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15 Minutes to Success – Paying it Forward

Especially over the holidays I hear the excuse… “I don’t have TIME to

exercise!”  Really? Seriously? I don’t believe you. The truth is that you DO have time, you just don’t do it.

If you give me 15 minutes a day, I can change the way your body looks and feels.

Still don’t have time? What’s the next excuse? You don’t have the money? You don’t have the space?  Come on, give ‘em to me. The only one I can’t overcome is… “I just don’t want to.” And if that is how you truly feel then you can just stop reading now. Save yourself the effort 😉

So you are still reading and I am going to assume that you really do want to make a change or just learn how you can make a difference even with all of your ‘challenges’ well here it is.
You don’t need money, equipment, any more space than your coffee table takes up. You don’t need to leave the house, wait until the kids are in bed or spend hours breaking a sweat. You don’t need any of that.

What you do need is a desire to get stronger and healthier. Willingness to put some work behind your words. You need 15 minutes a day. You need comfortable clothing and some great music.

How is your checklist doing? Do you have what you need? Ok, well then let’s get started.

All you need is 15 minutes a day and 3 separate workouts that you can do with no equipment other than a clock. 10 different exercises each day that you are going to do after a quick, fun warm up followed by some basic stretching.

Seem too simple? Believe it or not, most successful weight loss and fitness programs are very simple—they just aren’t easy. You will work. You will sweat . You will see results within weeks. You will lose inches. You will tone and build muscle. You will lose fat. It is simple—you just have to do it.

So what do you think? Can you give it a shot? Are you willing to work just a little bit in order to change your life? Hopefully you are. Let’s see how much effort you are really willing to put towards your health.

I am not going to make it too easy for you though. If you want to know what exercises I recommend for you to do you are going to have to put forward some  effort.  Yep… you are going to have to ask! If you want a free copy of my 15 minute success  program you are going to have to ask me for it AND since I am giving it to you for free, I am going to require you to do a little bit more.

‘Tis the season so… you need to pay it forward. Just do one thoughtful act of kindness for a complete stranger and tell me about it. Send me an email telling me what you did and telling me why you want this program and I will email you a step-by step 3 day fitness plan that you can rotate twice a week (one day off) that will help you work towards your goals and start you on your path to health and fitness.

I think it is a very fair trade and I can’t wait to hear your stories. Please also include your permission to share your story online and in our newsletter (optional) to pass on the spirit and encourage others to do the same.

I can’t wait to hear your stories!


Email me at butterfly@mts.net


Happy Holidays!!!


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