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I want to be a Superhero

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Yep it’s true – I want to be a superhero. Not because I am unhappy with who I am, let’s face it – no one has a higher opinion of themselves than I do! I am a ROCKSTAR and I know it, but I want to be a superhero because superheros don’t have to put up with the downsides of being human – especially a female human. You know what I am talking about. yes, the joy of childbirth and the gift of children is a wondrous thing but that crap we have to put up with before, after and in between just sucks! Ever since I had Ivan, 14 wonderful months ago, my body has been ‘off’. I started menstruating again after 6 months and when Aunt flow came back – she was back with a vengeance – never before have I had such cramps and other typical PMS symptoms that I used to make fun of other women for (sorry about that!).

I know, I know – you are wondering why the hell I am blogging about my period. Well, I am because it is interfering with something in my life I hold sacred (no not sex – get your mind out of the gutter!), my goals. In January I started a two-month fitness challenge with a few of my clients – we all set body fat and inch-loss goals and started an email support group to share our triumphs and trials, ask and give help when needed. Well, today as you know is the end of February and the end of that challenege,.. and guess who showed up early??? Yep – she is such a bitch!

On Sunday with 5 more days to go – I weighed in. I was 1/2 inch short of my goal! yep – I was down 3% body fat and 7.5″ – all I needed was 1/2 more inch on my waist and BOOM, I had made it! Well this morning – after an intense week of workouts, including 5 hours of cardio, 3 muscle building and an hour of flexibility along with no alcohol and overly-paranoid balanced eating (and 5liters of water a day) – I am bloated, crampy, sore and CRANKY! I am ever sporting a pot belly that wasn’t there 5 days ago – honestly – there was a 2″ GAIN in the belly since Sunday. Told you that Aunt of mine is a bitch! I needed Chris to pull that tape tight to get my 1/2 inch – I wanted to cry! Well at least I did until I talked to my email support group and asked them what I would say as their coach if the roles were reversed and guess what?? They gave me the victory – I am going to the spa on Sunday!!

Now don’t go all critical on me – I know that I still have to make that 1/2 inch next week after my relative leaves, and I promise that I will! I am not stopping now and I don’t want to have to admit that she wasn’t the reason I missed out, I am just ‘postponing’ my final weigh in I guess you could say, but I will do it. The embarrassment of having to come back here and tell all of you that I didn’t – is motivation enough!

Now that being said – I know where I am and I know where I want to be and the next step to getting there is this….

when I measure my clients for inches and body fat – I pull the tape tight – always have, always will, always do it the same way. It is the change I am looking for, not that specific numbers. And when you are looking to lose fat – it is the perfect way. So with the tape pulled tight, my measurements are (as of Sunday LOL):

Chest: 33″

Waist: 26.5″

Belly: 28″

Hips: 37″

Thighs: 20.5/20.5

Bringing my Body Fat to 20%. My weight is at 157 not that it matters.


With the tape loose fitting (like you would measure for clothes), my measurements are:

Chest: 36″

Waist: 29″

Belly: 31″

Hips: 39″

Thighs: 22/22

Bringing my Body Fat to 27% (yes those few inches make THAT much of a difference.


So guess what my next goal is? Yep – you got it! I want my ‘loose’ measurements at the end of my goal to be the same as the ‘tight’ measurements at the beginning. At the stage I am in, this is the best I can do. I can’t lose more weight, I want to stay between 155 and 160 to maintain muscle mass and my focus now has to be on toning and tightening what I got! yep 6-pack here I come!

So that means my next goal is to lose 10 inches and 7% body fat (I’d kinda like my chest to stay where it is so I am not counting it in the equation anymore). These 10 inches will be focused on waist, belly, hips and thighs…. yep, hello core!!!

So when am I going to reach this goal? Hmmmm….. well I want to be realistic. This is an aggressive body sculpting goal. It’s not like shedding the 5 last pounds. This is target-specific muscle work and with me starting school in April (yep, I am going back for my degree), spring coming and a baby eager to try out his new rubber boots and a busy workload, I am not going to have as much spare time to train so I am giving myself 4 months. This will take me from where I am to where I want to be, the end of my fitness journey, my ideal body at 20% body fat, and lean solid, shapely muscle. That is the body I want and I want it for summer! Time to get bikini-babe ready!

End of June… HERE I COME!




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And the mark was met!

Monday, February 4th, 2013

I am so excited! I was optimistic yesterday when I had to go down to a size 4 in the skirt I was trying on to get the right fit, but then again there was that nagging voice at the back of my head saying that the label was wrong…

But this morning I did my final weigh and measure before we leave on vacation. I had wanted to be down to 20% body fat by the time we left and to 19% by the end of February with a total of 8″ lost by then, remember? Well here we are with 24 days left to go and…

I am down to 20% body fat and have toned down 5″ since January 1st! Even if I eat and drink my way through the islands, I will have tome when I get back to drop what I lose and hit my final goal! I am so very excited!

I mean I know that my program works. I have seen it work with clients who work it and I know that the science is sound. Properly balanced diet with 55% carbs, 25% lean protein and 20% healthy fats spread between 3 small meals and regular snacks and of course regular and ever increasing exercise balanced between cardio, strength and flexibility. I know it works, in theory but to actually see and feel the results in myself, to have my philosophies proven and of course see my hard work pay off. It is an unbelievable feeling. I mean yes, last year I dropped 20lbs and 7% body fat, but that was a lot easier due to having more to lose but the toning and muscle building and intense fat burning at the level I am at, took a lot more specificity and work. There are no words to describe how I am feeling today.

Yes it has happened… I am speechless.


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