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And the results are in…

Ok – it has been 12 weeks. I know I said June 30 for my goal deadline and it is only the 25th BUT I started on a Monday, been doing my bi-weekly weigh and measures on Mondays so I figured we would end on a Monday – besides, 12 weeks is technically 3 months right?

Well if you have been following my journey through my own personal fat-loss goal, you will already know that after gaining 10 pounds between my son’s birth and his 3 month birthday, I decided that I had to do something drastic so I became my own dietary and fitness client and gave myself 3 months to lose the weight, get in shape and burn off the excess fat that I couldn’t blame on pregnancy and child birth, at least not with a straight face. On April 3- I started off at 179lbs and a scary 29% body fat (yes it is scary – it is at the top range of ‘normal’ and to be in my profession and maintain some personal and professional integrity – that is not a place you want to be).  Not only did I decide to embark on this journey, I decided that in order to be accountable to myself and stay motivated, I needed to take one more drastic measure – I needed to share my measurements and my goal with all of you. I say that it was a drastic measure because I knew that if I couldn’t do it, that no one would ever pay me to help them do it – I was putting my professional credibility on the line and risking my company on the strength of my Sustainable weight Loss Program and my own determination.  That was three months ago and my goal at tat time if I remember correctly was 5% Body fat loss and 12 inches (Bringing me to 24%BF and roughly 165lb) – although you can correct me if I am wrong, I think that is what it was and I am too lazy this sunny Monday morning to go back and check.

Now I have to say that after 6-8 weeks I met that goal and this journey could have been complete with a few pats on the back and some self congratulation but I don’t work that way. Once a goal is met, there is always another to take its place. I don’t believe in stopping or settling, I believe that we should always be striving – working towards something because I don’t believe that life ever stands still – if we stop moving forward, we start to move backward. So having met my goal with time to spare I decided to challenge myself and although I had already moved from the Top of the acceptable body fat range  to the middle (healthy range for a woman 20-39 years old is 21%-33%) that I would work towards the Bottom, getting leaner and stronger, toning and tightening. So hence the last 6 weeks has had me working towards an altered goal of 7% body fat and 15 inches which (depending on muscle mass) would get me to about 20lbs of total weight loss. Again though, my focus was and is always fat and inch loss – weight is a bad determining factor of progress and building muscle adds weight – but I digress.

And here we are – at the end of my deadline…can I have a drum roll please????

At 11:00am this Monday morning, June 25, 2012 – I weighed in at 160lbs with 22% body fat on my 5’8″ frame. After 12 weeks my total loss has been 7% body fat, 19lbs and 16 inches off my thighs, waist, belly and hips.


***Happy Dance***  ***Happy Dance*** ***Happy Dance***

My integrity, my pride and my confidence are intact! I have never felt better or for that matter been happier with the way I have looked! The last time I have been this size was after my training for law enforcement 2 years out of rehab and I was 135lbs – unhealthy, too thin and unhappy. I am none of those things anymore! I can look in the mirror and like what I see – I am loving the way my clothes are fitting and have gone through my wardrobe packing up (to permanently get rid of) about 35 pieces of clothing that no longer fit me because they are just too large! I have celebrated with shopping (my incentive reward) and am replacing those outfits with smaller, more flattering versions!

You know what the best part of this journey has been? I don’t think that I ever once felt deprived. I have indulged in almost everything that I have wanted (cravings for chocolate aside) and have enjoyed BBQs, dining out, desserts, wine and even the occasional trip through the drive through! Yes I have poured more energy into activity and poured more sweat into my workouts – but those efforts just allowed me a few more indulgences. I knew when I developed it that my Sustainable Weight Loss Program would work for those willing to work it and know I don’t just know it, I am living proof of it!!

It feels great to look in the mirror and like what you see… but you know what? I don’t think I am done yet. As much as I like what I see, I don’t quite love it – not yet. there are a few loose areas that I know I can tighten, a few muscles I know I can strengthen. Yep it feels amazing to have reached a goal I have worked hard for and since I know I can do this, I have decided to do a bit more…

20% body fat and 5 more inches… tightened, toned and strengthened. healthy, happy and living proof that if I can do it – so can you!

What are you waiting for? Don’t you deserve to like the reflection in the mirror? It is an AMAZING feeling!


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