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Choosing a Fitness Instructor

Whether you are looking for a personal trainer, joining a gym or even just taking a class in your community—make sure you know who is teaching you and where they learned to teach.
Right now in Canada there is no legislation surrounding the professional title of ‘Personal Trainer’ or ‘Fitness Trainer’ – so pretty much anyone can call themselves such and start their own class.
I don’t have to tell you how potentially dangerous it can be to your body and even health to have just anyone make changes to it and it can even lead to serious injury.

Every body part is at risk and put into the hands of who you choose to help you get in shape. Make sure you ask to see your trainer’s credentials, ask where they received their training, ask if they are CPR and first—aid certified just in case something does happen while you are with them. In Manitoba, the Manitoba Fit-ness Council (MFC) regulates the education, competency and ability of all of its trainers in the province. Unfortunately there are less than 400 MFC Certified Fitness Trainers in Manitoba—everyone else is working with a different level of training and education. I am not saying that there are not competent and even great train-ers out there that are not MFC Certified, I am just saying that those that are can be trusted to have the education and even in-surance that you want in a train-er. To find a list of MFC Certified Instructors you can contact them at www.manitobafitnesscouncil.ca or by phone at (204) 235-1245 .
If you choose to work with a trainer or join a class with an instructor that is not MFC certified r if there is no trainer in your area, whoever you choose should:
–  have a certificate of
–  education they can show you in the field they are teaching
–  Have valid First Aid & CPR training
– Ask you to fill out a ParQ or health Questionnaire BEFORE working with you
– Be able to and willing to adapt all exercises to accommodate health needs or physical limitations
– Be willing to discuss their training and education openly

The most important factor in choosing and continue to work with a trainer or stick with the gym or class what matters the most is how YOU feel.

–  Are you comfortable with this person?
– Do their fitness and health philosophies fit with yours.
– Is what you are doing enjoyable? Even though you are working and getting out of your comfort zone—so you leave miserable?


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