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Customers are not always right…

I started my working career at the ripe old age of 11 in the 1980’s – yes I am THAT old. Why did I start working so young? I wanted stuff. Stuff took money and neither I or my family had any. Where does an ambitious 11 year old work? The only place I could – in a restaurant washing dishes. 5 years later I was helping to manage a different restaurant down the street. 4 years after that, I bought it.

There is no business like the restaurant business to teach you about customer service, you are only as good as your last meal served and that was true even in the days before TripAdvisor, Yelp and FaceBook reviews. The old adage reigned supreme, ‘The customer is ALWAYS right.’

Fast forward 25 years and here we are. I am thinking about where I get my customer service attitude from because of a shocking conversation I am involved in online with other business owners, most that are new to the business world. Most are of a digital generation. Most have made or are making comments that are or are similar to this…

“It’s annoying to have to answer the phone and answer questions from customers about things they can just find on our website. I don’t want to waste my time or my staff’s time dealing with these stupid questions – it is all online.”

And that is what has made me wonder if we are losing touch with the reality of business because we have stopped dealing with people and are conducting commerce from behind a screen.

I don’t know everything (I know right – holy smokes!), but what I do know is that the customer is NOT always right. It’s true they aren’t, but what they always are, is the customer. Without customers, we have no business to conduct and as such they always deserve our time and mostly, our respect.

Have we answered the same questions at Escape the Final Countdown 1000 times? Yep. Will we answer them another 1000 times? Yep. and we will do it gladly.

Do I always say yes and give in to any request by a customer just to make them happy? Nope. But when I do have to say no, it is done with respect and reason.

The day I start becoming annoyed by or no longer have time to answer questions or deal with my customers is the day I close the doors and retire. In person, behind a screen, on the phone or by text… customer service will always be customer service or at least it should be.

Perhaps we are missing a fundamental business course among all of the digital marketing and SEO courses… basic common coutesy and an attitude of gratitude. Without or customers, we have nothing and for that we should always be grateful!


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