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Do you feel stuck or like you’re in a rut?

Do you know exactly what you want and where you want to be but aren’t sure how to get there?

Are you unsure of what you want at all?

Are you struggling with bad habits and beating yourself up over them?

You don’t need to ‘find a new you’ or ‘transform yourself’…

you already have and are all you need to live the life you’ve only dreamed of ,

you may just need a bit of help to unleash the power that’s already within you.


How do I know?

I have been there, been through it and now I want to help you through it too.

We all need help & support to develop and carry out our plans to discover and live our dreams,

I know I did and there is no shame in that!

My personal, confidential, one-on-one Empowerment Coaching can do just that!

Time Management


Relationship, Communication & Assertiveness Building

Resume Building, interview practice and pre-employment readiness

Goal Setting


Future Mapping

Career Planning

Educational Selection

Have you stopped dreaming altogether and are unsure of where you really want to be?

That’s OK – I can help you figure that out!

Dream Weaving


Finding your passion

Perhaps you are so caught up in life’s problems, issues of the past or find yourself a victim of  ‘Parent Syndrome’ where you have put everyone’s needs before your own for so long, you are no longer a priority in your own life!

That’s OK, I’ve been there too and can help you find your authentic you!

My Empowerment Coaching Program is customized to every client’s circumstances and needs.

I will work with you to help bring balance to your life so that you can focus on what really matters…

All inclusive pricing includes:

Weekly in-person or virtual coaching sessions

Challenges and materials to help you find and build the strengths within you.

Confidential referrals as needed.

Month 1 – $150.00 CAD

All subsequent months (concurrent) – $100.00 CAD

GST included, Cash, Credit Card, Etransfer and Paypal Accepted

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