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Do you picture the witch in the Wizard of Oz when you read the title of this blog? If not, you probably will now! No I am not a witch (although I am sure many will disagree and perhaps even object to my spelling of the word thinking that they w is a typo) but yes, I am melting!

I usually step on the scale and do my body fat measurements every second Monday which would be tomorrow but today is one of those days where I knew that the weather would give me a quiet day at the store and not exactly be conducive to any creative summer sewing so I figured that I would take advantage of a quiet day to myself and spend it catching up on paperwork and that includes writing my blog. It is hard to write about my journey towards my goals unless I know where exactly I am – hence the early measurements.

When I started on my body fat reduction challenge at the beginning of April I was pretty motivated after measuring in at 179lbs and 29% body fat.I honestly didn’t really think that pregnancy, bedrest and a c-section would get to me the way it did but I was wrong. All the knowledge in the world didn’t stop me from putting on the pounds and there was no one to blame but myself – I should have counteracted my inactivity with a reduction of caloric intake but I didn’t and my laziness and complacent attitude caught up with me. It was a huge ego-tripping slap upside the head with reality and hence my 3 month plan.

Well here we are – 8 weeks and almost 2 full months into that plan and I have to admit that I am pretty proud of myself. Originally I wanted to lose 5%BF, 15lbs and 12 inches in total, bringing my goal size to 24%BF, 165lbs and 12 inches smaller. Well after the first month, I decided to up that goal and shoot for the moon (even if you miss, you will land among the stars) and changed my goal to push for a total loss of 7% body fat, 20lbs and 18 inches (waist, belly, thighs and hips) – bringing my goal body composition to 22%BF, 159lbs and well, 18 inches smaller giving me more lean, toned muscle mass (6-pack here I come). I didn’t change my goal date – which is still June 30 – three months. It is an aggressive goal, and a challenge to do in a healthy sustainable manner, especially being a breastfeeding mom – I have to ensure that I maintain adequate calorie intake, balance nutrients and of course don’t over-stress my body because I have a tiny one depending on me for his nourishment as well as my own. Lucky think I have a great nutritionist and fitness trainer working with me – I couldn’t do it without her! 😉

Ok ok, enough with the self love. This morning I stood on the scale and…. 164lbs – 24% Body fat! So that is a total loss of 15lbs and 5% body fat – my original goal for the 3 month timeline and we are only 2/3 of the way there! In addition to this, I have also lost 2″ around my belly, 2″ around my waist, 1″ around my hips and maybe the most exciting – 2.5″ around each of my thighs (yes my thighs!!!) for a total inch loss of 10″ to date!! I do have to admit that I am most excited about the loss in my thighs because like every other woman out there, there is one part of my body that I consider detrimental to a health body image and those parts are my thighs! I have always struggled with my legs – I carry fat in my thighs and since they are also very muscular – to me they have always looked disproportionately large – and now, they are finally starting to melt away!!! I couldn’t be more excited!!!!

So Here we are  – 5 more weeks to go and I am still pushing for another 2%BF, 5lbs and 8″ loss…. June is going to be an exiting, and challenging month! I am so grateful that I have 4 fitness classes a week to rely on, on top of anything ‘extra’ I choose to do in my free time. Sitting here in a pair of size 8 jeans that I had to trade a brand new pair of size 10’s in for – a pair that I just bought in April, that were already too big for me nd realizing that even these 8’s could be a bit snugger and June 30 will see me in a size 6 – a number I haven’t seen in 20 years – I couldn’t ask for more motivation.

5 more weeks? Bring them on, I am ready – June, here I come!!!


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