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People are everything

I have been in business for myself on and off for 25 years now, exclusively for the past 10 years. Some of my business ideas have been quite successful, others not so much but one thing they all have had in common is that they have taught me a great deal. I am a hands-on learner, it is one of the fall backs of having a memory like mine – I can remember almost anything I read word for word, like recalling a picture in my head BUT that rarely means I have learned from it. I need to DO in order to learn and man have I done a lot!

So what have all of these lessons taught me?


It’s true.

The more needs you fill for the most people you can, directly impact the success of your business and your life.

That’s it. Meet the needs of your people. The more yu can do it, the more successful you will become in business and in life. It is how I am making every single decision placed before me – how will this meet the needs of my stakeholders?

Well first answer this – who are your stakeholders? Who is impacted by your business? For me the list goes¬† like this…

Me, my family, my employees, my customers, my creditors, my home community, my business community…

So my job is to weigh every decision on how it can be the most beneficial to the most people and reduce the negative impact on as many of them as possible.

It simplifies life beyond imagination and can be applied to everything – not just business.

For example: I recently accepted an offer to sell one of my business divisions. It was an offer that came out of the blue and was not something I had even considered doing yet – my exit plan for this particular division was still at least 2 years away. So how did I make the decision? I looked at the effect it would have on all of the people who have a stake in that company… how would the sale benefit each and every group on my list? How would it hurt them? In this particular case, every group benefitted, none were hurt. Decision made.¬† Like a pro-con list with a few more groups considered. Easy Peasy.

Mutually beneficial relationships.

When a relationship is no longer symbiotic, it is time to end it – personally and professionally. I make all my decisions based on this principal. It simplifies matters, clarifies. That does’t mean every decision is easy as there is always an emotional component (seeing Muck Off! go is like watching an adult child move out of the house), but once you know it is the right decision, it takes the sting of uncertainty away.

I am excited to see what becomes of this baby of mine as it continues to grow without me and am proud to have played some part in its success but now it is time for me to step back and ask myself… what’s next? There are needs out there that still need to be filled, which ones will fill mine?

Only time will tell.



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