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Practice what you Preach

So I have a confession to make… I don’t always do as I tell others to do when it comes to nutrition and healthy lifestyle – especially not in the last few month. Yep, I admit it – I am human! I have all of the same excuses as everyone else – I just had a baby after 3 months of bedrest,  I had a c-section, I am tired and when I am tired I crave things I shouldn’t be eating. Yes these reasons are true, but they are still excuses and because of these excuses, for the first time in a very long time I looked at myself naked in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw. So, it is time to treat myself like a client – the worst client I could ever have – but a client none the less and get off my ass and do something about it. I can’t tell others not to complain unless they are willing to change if I myself am not able and willing to do the same – so here goes!

As of Tuesday April 3, I am 13 pounds and 3%BF larger than I was before the baby. I wish I could really truly use him as an excuse, but I can’t because the truth is, most of that I gained after his birth! The last few months have been a whirlwind of midnight feedings, diaper changes, returning to work with very little sleep and eating like crap. Even starting fitness classes again at 5 weeks postpartum didn’t help because my heart wasn’t really in those workouts for myself, I told myself that I was just too tired to put in much effort so I coached and cheer leaded more than participated. Yep, I admit it, my name is Michelle and I am a slacker!

So I sat down at my computer yesterday after spending some time in the mall on the weekend trying on clothes – usually a great passion of mine, but this time, there was no joy in my reflection. I sat down and took my own measurements (179lbs and 29% BF) and created some goals for myself. Before Ivan was born, I always – intentionally- kept my body fat percentage at 25% in order to better aid the fertility treatments, and as you know at my age (37), a health body fat is between 20% and 30%. I stayed right in the middle but now have started to creep to places I shouldn’t be. So my first goal is this – a loss of 5% BF, 12 inches total around my waist, belly, hips and thighs (I am still nursing so my chest doesn’t count) – this would amount to approximately a 15 pound loss depending on muscle mass. So that is it – that is my goal and as I have said to every client I have ever had, a goal without a time line is just a dream so my timeline is… 12 weeks, 3 months – by the end of June. There you have it, my personal weight loss and fitness goal – set in the exact same manner I always coach my clients on. Can I do it? Of course! Will? Yes! Especially now that I have put it out there in the universe for everyone to see and staked my professional integrity on it! Damn right I will do it!

So how exactly am I going to accomplish this goal? Well, treating myself as my own worst client, I sat down and figured out my base metabolic rate – this is the amount of calories I would need to consume in a day to stay exactly the same size, doing the exact same thing. My base metabolic calorie consumption is approximately 2500 calories a day – this is a calculation derived at by calculating body mass, composition, activity level and the fact that I am a nursing mom. In order to reach my weight loss goal, I will need to consume just under 2000 calories a day, continue my current activity and when I hit that inevitable plateau, bust through it with accelerated fitness training or another drop in calories. Because I will still be breastfeeding, a drop in calories is not recommended so an increase in activity it will be!

Now it seems simple to just drop your calorie consumption and if that is all that mattered, it would be – but you have to remember that those 2000 calories need to be well balanced, with 55% being complex carbs, 25% being protein and 20% being fat. we also have to ensure that there is a balance of vitamins and minerals and a consistent energy source throughout the day. This may sound complicated and for some, it can be which is why they come to see someone like me in the first place, finding these balances is what I do for my clients every day, and everyone is different.

So what did my first day (Tuesday April 3) look like? Well it started at 5:30am with a glass of milk and a cup of chocolate flavoured ovaltine mixed with water along with my postnatal multi-vitamin. 6;30am saw a boot camp class with 25 solid minutes of cardio training along with strength building and flexibility components. Breakfast at 8:30am consisted of a homemade chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie (see next week’s newsletter for the recipe). I actually skipped my morning snack (slap hand) because I lost track of time but enjoyed a tuna salad sandwich for lunch – made with fat free mayo, an entire can of tuna, onions and lettuce on whole wheat bread – no butter or margarine of course! My afternoon snack was about 3 cups of raw carrots and celery along with 1/4 cup of homemade cucumber-dill dip (see next week’s newsletter for recipe). Throughout the day I drank plenty of fluids – hot decaffeinated coffee and tea – black of course!

My evening was a rush of mis-scheduled events so I grabbed a quick sandwich for dinner – two fried eggs (fried with no margarine or spray on my new ceramic non-stick pans) with 1/2 tomato, a slice of cheese and whole wheat bread. My treat for the day was a cocktail later on of vodka and diet-cranberry and my bedtime snack (an hour before bed) was a bowl of raisin bran cereal with 1% milk. My total calorie consumption for the day was 1800 with 46% coming from carbs, 24% from protein, 23% from fat and 7% from alcohol. Not perfect, but pretty damn good if I do say so myself.

So day one is done and day two is on its way. What is my biggest challenge for week #1? Losing all will power through Easter weekend because I am a HUGE candy fiend and we will be having a family birthday dinner with my in-laws. My plan for overcoming this challenge? First of all, not to buy Sera any of MY favorite treats. We usually limit the amount of candy anyway, but I will be sure to find things she likes and I don’t this weekend! My other solution is to get my husband on board, supporting my goal so that when y will power starts to fade, he is there to bolster me up! I have also written my goals in lipstick in huge writing on our bathroom mirror so that every morning, I can get and stay focused on my goal so that every decision I make is based on that!

Wish me luck! Happy Easter!


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