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Professional or Pimp?

I don’t think I have ever walked into a commercial gym or even a mall without seeing someone or some company pimping out their newest supplement designed to burn fat and build muscle. i don’t even think you can watch tv without seeing some miracle cure for obesity being promoted all over the world. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that in this day of instant messaging that the demand for instant gratification has extended to the health industry – no one wants to wait for results, everyone looks for a quick fix and are disappointed when they don’t find it. The weight loss industry is a multi-billion dollar a year market and very few of those dollars are spent on gym memberships, nutritional consultants or healthy foods. The bulk of those billions are spent on pills, powders and special ‘equipment’ – all of which are promised to burn fat and keep it off – fast and easy!!!

How many of us have tried time and time again to lose weight – jumping on the bandwagon of whatever weight loss fad spends the most of advertising. How many times have we seen celebrities on TV marketing a new product or program only to see them again in a few months with all their weight back and no contract paying them to promise you the world? Look at Kirsti Alley and Jenny Craig just for a start…

Almost every single day I am contacted by someone looking for something to help them lose weight. When I show them our weight loss program materials and fitness class schedule I inevitably get the ‘what is the matter with you – were you dropped on your head as a child’ look before they stop me and say – no, I am looking for a pill or something. That is right before they leave. So many of my colleagues have bent to that pressure and complied with the demand for quick fixes by trading their professional integrity for higher incomes by promoting powders, pills and liquids that deep down they know won’t work or at least won’t work for long.  I have to admit, it is tempting to do when time after time potential clients are swayed by ‘fast and easy’ marketing tactics within the industry but for better or worse, I refuse to bend to the pressure.

Weight problems can’t be fixed by magic potions or high-priced pills claiming magical results – if it could don’t you think that obesity would be a thing of the past instead of a health concern reaching epidemic proportions? Don’t you think McDonald’s would have bought the patent and be handing out pills with every Big Mac? Even celebrities like Oprah can’t seem to get it right and keep it off and she has access to anything and everything and has shared every trend with the entire world, again and again. The problem is and what these people refuse to understand is that our bodies crave consistency – they will always find a balance and adjust to whatever you do to it – so the more you yo-yo, the less likely your body will respond to anything because it constantly is readjusting itself. The more weight-loss supplements you take, the more you will need, just like a street junkie and eventually there is just never enough. Your body wasn’t made to live off supplements and it won’t be able to for long. Every drug you put into it changes the way it works and eventually, nothing will.

Weight loss isn’t magic, it isn’t chemistry and it isn’t even science – it is math. Calories in-calories out. Plain and simple but most people don’t want to admit it becuse it requires effort. The cause of the weight problems in North America aren’t caused by fast food, they are caused by apathy, laziness and sheer refusal to accept responsibility forones’ own choices. Only in this society could a mother even dream of suing a fast food chain for causing her kids’ obesity or a celebrity sue an airline for charging him for two seats when he actually takes up two seats! Where does it stop?

I wish that I could sell a magic pill to fix the years of poor eating habits and lack of exercise that have created the problems our society faces today. I wish that no child will ever have to face daily injections or amputation due to diabetes – that there was some perfect powder I could give them instead – but there isn’t.

Health comes from a healthy lifestyle – it can’t be bought, it can’t be sold and it can’t be given away – it has to be earned. The good news is that like my dad used to say – anything worth having is worth working for and there are so many people out there willing to help you without promising you the sky in order to pad their pockets. Don’t be fooled by slick marketing, paid endorsements or empty promises – you are worth more than that!

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