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She Said WHAT????

I am not going to make excuses for a terrible terrible bad habit that I have brought with me through turbulent adolescence into my 30’s. There is no excuse and there is no hiding the fact that I have what is politely referred to as a potty mouth.  It is a habit that I have worked very hard in breaking but have yet to succeed and those that know me now might be shocked to hear that I am much better than I used to be – much, MUCH better and that isn’t saying much. 🙂

I could blame this habit on my upbringing, the environment in which I was raised, cultural or societal predispositions, or even blame the friend in high school that every parent considered a bad influence. I could do that and all of those explanations would have merit but none of them would change the fact that I am here now and have to find a way to bring my language more in line with who I am as a person because the way you speak definitely tells people a great deal about who you are and I am definietly not the type of woman that my language portrays me to be.ue

So how do you break a life-long habit?? Seriously – HOW – I need to know and I don’t. I need help desperately! This habit is so ingrained that I am mostly unaware of it and unless I make an overtly conscious effort to avoid curse words and vulgarities, they slip off my tongue like not-so-sweet honey. A very good friend recently pulled me aside to discuss my offensive language – she was very polite about it and was terrified that I would be offeneded by her critisim – I hope she was pleasantly surprised when instead of being hurt or defensive, I thanked her!! I really do need help because I am not always aware of what I have said or how I have said it and when my language is pointed out to me, only then can I correct the behavior! As Dr. Phil says, we cannot change what we don’t acknowledge and I am 100% acknowledging this personal shortcoming.

This friend has taken it upon herself to choose a special ‘word of the day’ for me to use as a substitute for a few choice phrases – so far I have Flower and Sugar as great alternatives and am working on using them instead of the words that they represent. The funny thing is that I am actually self-conscious of saying “OH SUGAR!” in public when I never even noticed how often I used the other S-word in my vocabulary. It is beyond ironic and I am so embarrassed by this flaw in my character.

So how can you help me and maybe even yourself or someone you know with the same problem??? For me, like I said, having people comment on it, point it out and even tell me that they don’t like it – is a huge wake-up call and a great service to both me and anyone within earshot of my conversation. If this type of language intervention can help me, a life-long offender, maybe it can help you too. All I know is that as far as I have come, there is still a long way yet to go so if you meet me on the road please do not hesitate to offer up a new and less-offensive word of the day. I for one will appreciate it!

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