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The first month of 3…

So here we are – the last day of April, 2012. It has been an eventful month here at home and included such milestones as my son’s 18th birthday and I have to admit that is one that has spun me for a loop. I am far too young to have an 18 year old – especially when nursing a 4 month old! It is kind of funny though and both my boys are happy, healthy and prospering – what more could a mother want?

As for me, it is the end of my first month with my new weight loss and fitness goal. Starting off the month of April, I wanted to lose 5% of my post baby body fat, 12 inches and depending on muscle gain that would equate into a 15lb loss. I started off the month weighing in at 179lbs and 29% body fat. Higher than I wanted at 3 months post partum but not surprising as I had spent 3 months on bedrest before baby and after my c-section wasn’t as physically active afterwards as I should have been. Before fertility treatments began in 2010, I weighed 167lbs and  25% body fat and as I explained earlier, I intentionally kept my BF higher to assist with fertility treatments but now I no longer have that excuse!

I set a 3 month timeline for my goal – a little less aggressive than I would usually do but considering that I am still nursing and tired, I figured that a slow, steady, conservative pace is much more sustainable even though I know I could do it faster. Believe it or not, I am inately a lazy person and very very aware of my limitations. The other reason why I am choosing a slower pace is that I don’t want to sacrifice my lifestyle – something that I highly recommend everyone consider when setting a weight loss or fitness goal. Now that pregnancy is over and baby Ivan is sleeping for longer stretches, mommy is enjoying a glass of her favorite wines in the evening – I am also not 100% committed to regular cardio workouts over and above our fitness class schedule, my life is just too bust as it is – so instead of saying I will and making excuses or feeling guilty when I don’t – I just set more realistic and honest goals and timelines – much more satisfying all around.

So that is how we got here – to the end of month 1 with 2 more months to go. Doing weights and measures this morning, I was actually a bit nervous because that last week or so have been a struggle for me. Sleep training Ivan and rescheduling my hours at the store have left me struggling with limited sleep and when I am tired – I get hungry!!  Even though I know better, I am human and don’t always follow my own advice – even healthy snacks can be detrimental to a weight loss program when eaten in excess and I have to admit a few days of excess! So what did the scale and measuring tape tell me this morning? Well…

168lbs and 26% body fat! That is a loss of 12lbs and 3% body fat in my first month! More than 50% of my original goal! On top of that, when taking my overall measurements into consideration and measuring my waist, hips, belly and thighs (we won’t consider chest as I am nursing), I have also lost a whopping 6 inches overall. Half way there! I have to admit that I am pretty excited about these results, They are just enough motivation to show that my plan and my program are working the way that I want them to! The bad news is that my results slowed a great deal in the last half of the month compared to the first half – which means I have to kick up my effort a notch! Like I am always saying to my clients – weight loss is not magic, it is math.


If you want faster results, you need more effort. If you don’t want to increase effort, you have to be satisfied with slower results, it is just the way the numbers work, there is no way around it!

So what is my plan for May?? Well, we have added two more fitness classes to our schedule – a single evening boot camp and an InfuZion class for toning and strength. That gives me one full cardio class a week with step aerobics in which I will be increasing my intensity with a higher step and a little more effort – this is the class to do it because my class participants are amazingly advanced and know our routines as well as me – we can all give 110% and I know they can not only keep up, but push me to go harder! Three boot camp classes a week give great opportunities for interval and strength training although my focus is less on me and more on my class so I know I will need to add at least 1 private workout a week to increase my results (Thankfully I have a friend who will be pushing my lazy ass to go for a weekly run with her – yuck! I hate running!). So that is my fitness plan for the next month – I have to increase my activity – no way around it! In the meantime I will be continuing to watch my intake – eating regular snacks and meals (3 + 3) making low fat, low sugar selections whenever possible and planning my treats!

I do have to give a shout out to my amazingly supportive husband who is taking my dedication to this goal very seriously! Sharing in the grocery shopping has always been a challenge for us because our way of food selection has always been very different – he focuses on price and taste, I tend to shop for nutrition and quality but over the past few weeks he has come home having intentionally purchased skinless chicken, fat free frozen yogurt instead of ice cream, whole wheat bread instead of his usually rye and way less bacon than I usually see! On top of this which is amazing, he is encouraging and supportive and even came down into the fitness studio one day to time me in a fitness challenge workout (no he didn’t participate but maybe next time 😉 )

I cannot express enough how important it is for you or anyone who is serious about changing their lifestyle or reaching a specific weight loss or fitness goal to have a support team. You need to share your goals, engage people in the process, share your challenges, successes, doubts and triumphs! No one lives in a vacuum – sustainable weight loss, a sustainable lifestyle depends upon exactly that – a change in your life and no one can do it alone. The more you share, the more you ask for help, the better chance for success you have!

So…. since I have come so far so fast, I have decided to change my goal and challenge myself a little bit. I couldn’t easily just coast along, but that isn’t like me. If something is easy – I don’t want it so here goes. Originally I wanted to end up after 3 months at 25% Body Fat, 165lbs and a loss of 12 inches. 5%, 12″, 14lbs right… which would leave me needing to lose only 2%BF, 4lbs and 6″ in the next two months – easy peasy! So let’s strive for higher… My new goal, just like starting all over is to lose another 4% BF dropping me to 22%, 10″ more and depending on muscle gain, would equal a drop of about 9lbs. Can I do it? Of course I can! Will I do it? Well, the more I share, the more I stay focused, the better my chances will be so when you see me don’t be afraid to ask how things are going or to slap the ice cream from my hand…

I am off to update the lipstick on my mirror. How are you doing?

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