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We’re killing our kids!

Over the summer I have been working on some professional upgrading and catching up on all of the professional journals and research that I have gotten behind on.

What has astounded me (even though it shouldn’t) are the scary new statistics regarding childhood obesity and obesity related diseases. It was bad enough that the World heal Organization had to rename adult-onset diabetes to ‘type II’ diabetes because of the amount of children who have been diagnosed with it. This disease was once unheard of in children and is now quite common to find. If you don’t know Type II diabetes is a life-style disease and while genetics may play some role in your risk of getting it, this risk factor can be overcome with proper diet and exercise—something too few of our children are getting.

Other diseases that were once unheard of in children which are now becoming more and more common are: high Cholesterol, hyper tension, heart disease and arthritis. What is happening to the children of North America that is putting them in mortal danger from their own bodies?

What is happening to them?? WE are happening to them! Us, the adults, the parents and the role models for these children are killing them with our laziness, our ignorance and our indifference to their health. We are sacrificing their health and longevity for the sake of our own convenience and even their short-term happiness. And by short term, I mean short term. It is much easier to give in and go through a drive through to see a smile from a toddler than to force them to eat their vegetables—because we want to see those smiles don’t we?

I don’t know about you but I personally would prefer to see them smile when they are 30 and living a healthy life. I would choose to not see them cry in pain with daily injections, blindness, or amputation in later life than smile today, but obviously I am in a shrinking minority according to the amount of children out there with lifestyle related disease.

I honestly don’t know how better to say it—I see it every day in clients who are terrified to change their family’s eating habits for fear of dealing with children and even spouses who rebel or resist, choosing instead to continue unhealthy practices.

What is wrong with us as parents—what happened to the role of the parent that has turned us into slaves to our children? Giving them whatever they want instead of whatever they need?

I have heard the excuses, I have heard the rationalizations but I am sorry—if your children are overweight and unhealthy there is no excuse, there is no one to blame but you—their parent.

Unless your children earn the money, buy the groceries, set the menus and do the cooking, their diet is strictly within the control of their parents and if they no longer are, their habits are 100% influenced by how they were raised again—by their parents. I feel sorry for these children who’s parents don’t seem to care enough about their health and future to take the steps they need to help them as children.

If you are one of these parents, and are spitting nails at me right now, that’s ok, I can take it. Hopefully once your anger at me fades you will look a little differently at your children and realize that their future, their present depends on you.


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