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Why a Butterfly?

It is probably the question I am asked most… Why a Butterfly??? It always makes me smile – probably because of the looks I usually get along side the questions, almost as if to say “What I really mean is… you don’t really expect us to take your business seriously when it is called anything Butterfly do you???”

Well yes, as a matter of fact I do!


The Butterfly is a symbol of change and of growth and I believe in the neccesity of both in order to achieve true happiness. Too often we get caught up in who we were or who we are and we forget all about who we could be or worse, who we really want to be. When I started doing Mary Kay many moons ago, I came across a quote from Mary Kay Ash – one of the most successful businesswomen of all time and it said, “Worm, Cocoon or Butterfly – it’s the same life, CHOOSE!” And that pretty much summed up my philosophy on life.

We all have pasts – some worse and some better than others and we all face unique challenges – no one is spared pain and difficulty, no matter how it may appear. And while we often have no control over what happens to us, as kids or even as adults – we definitely can choose how we let those events affect us. While we may be victimized BY others, only we can allow ourselves to BE a victim.

Everytime you get overwhelmed by work and bills and chores, volunteer at a homeless shelter. when you are lonely or afraid, volunteer at a crisis center.

Perspective is an amazing thing and the Butterfly reminds us that no matter where we came from, no matter where we are, we all have the potential within us to be the beautiful and happy creatures that we were designed to be. That power is in all of us and only we can choose to use it or ignore it. And that’s why I surround myself with the image of these strong and graceful creatures that overcome their modest beginnings and painful challenges to be the beautiful being we see.

So I guess the question is…

Worm, Cocoon or Butterfly… which do YOU choose?

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